Battling the Blizzard: Staying Safe and Warm in the Memphis Freeze

The mercury's plummeting, Memphis! Temperatures are set to dive below freezing for days, bringing with them a snowstorm that's sure to test our winter mettle. But fear not, Bluff City residents! We've got the tools and tips to keep you safe, warm, and cozy through this icy adventure.

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focused photo of a snow flake
focused photo of a snow flake

Protect Your Pipes from Bursting:

Frozen pipes are the bane of winter storms, and prevention is key. Crank up the thermostat to 68°F (energy conservation can wait!), open cabinet doors under sinks, and let faucets drip slowly. Remember, those vulnerable exterior hose spigots? Wrap them in insulated covers or cozy them up with towels – they'll appreciate the warmth.

Plan for Power Outages:

MLGW's Outage Center ( is your go-to for updates and preparedness tips. Charge your devices, gather flashlights and blankets, and stock up on candles (but keep them safely away from curious flames!). A full gas tank in your car never hurts either.

Snow and Ice: Tread Carefully:

Icy roads and sidewalks are treacherous, so stay home if possible. If you must venture out, walk like a penguin – slow, short steps, and plenty of arm flailing for balance. Remember, pets get cold too! Keep them snuggled inside during these extreme temperatures.

Emergency Resources at Your Fingertips:

Keep these important numbers handy:

  • MLGW Outage Reporting: 901-544-6500

  • MLGW Emergency: 901-528-4465

  • MLGW Customer Care: 901-544-MLGW (6549)

Stay Informed, Stay Prepared:

Follow your local news channels and MLGW updates for the latest storm developments. Remember, preparedness is the best defense against winter's wrath. So, grab a mug of hot cocoa, snuggle up with your loved ones (and furry friends!), and weather this icy challenge together. Memphis is a strong community, and we'll face this blizzard head-on, one warm blanket and frozen smile at a time!

Bonus Tip: Check on elderly neighbors who may need extra help with winter preparations. Sharing the warmth goes a long way in a cold snap!

Stay safe, stay warm, and stay Memphis strong! We'll thaw out soon enough!

Remember, communication is key during emergencies. By sharing this information and keeping your community informed, you can help everyone stay safe and warm through the winter storm.