Protecting Your Investment: Why Crime-Free Language Matters in Your Lease

Landlord responsibility goes beyond ensuring a habitable roof over your tenants' heads. Protecting your property from criminal activity is crucial for maintaining a safe environment for everyone involved, and including "crime-free" language in your lease is a key step towards achieving that goal.


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do not cross police barricade tape close-up photography
do not cross police barricade tape close-up photography

The Potential for Condemnation: While most criminal activity won't lead to such an extreme outcome, it's important to understand the potential consequences. In some cases, repeated occurrences of serious criminal activity on a property can result in its condemnation by local authorities. This essentially renders the property unfit for habitation and severely impacts its value.

The Power of Proactive Measures: Adding crime-free clause to your lease agreement serves multiple purposes. It clearly establishes that any criminal activity, regardless of the tenant's knowledge, constitutes a breach of the lease. This empowers you to take legal action, including eviction, against tenants who violate these terms.

Furthermore, this clause serves as a deterrent. By explicitly outlining the consequences of criminal activity, you discourage potential tenants with criminal intent from seeking residence in your property. This fosters a safer and more peaceful environment for responsible tenants.

The Importance of Local Representation: While proactive measures are essential, having a local representative regularly check on your property offers an added layer of security. This could be a property manager, a trusted friend, or a reliable neighbor. Regular oversight can help identify potential issues and deter criminal activity before it occurs.

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